Feel very justified in excessive xenocide with Rogue Invader

These aliens are huge morons and I don’t feel bad that they’re dead now.

Rogue Invader is a roguelike shooter mimicking old school black and white games, but it’s still a new wave side-scrolling roguelite shooter, and it’s finally out. Released on December 15 of last year, Rogue Invader’s launch went unnoticed by many, including me.

There’s only one reusable drop pod and it can only fit one person, so you have to invade the alien world one soldier at a time. (We lost all the supply ships, apparently.) It may sound mean, or evil, but the aliens started it and their king is a huge, huge jerk. Seriously, King Zeno hassles you all the time and I hate him.

Each round, your unique soldier collects more supplies and explores more levels, both static and procedural, to find equipment to teleport to the invasion ship. As you research and collect resources, you unlock new weapons, customize them, and build up a pool of resources so that subsequent invaders are better armed and equipped. You end up dropping heavily armored assault troops, equipped with heavy weaponry and backed up by orbital strikes from capital ships.

What I’ve played with it features a pretty satisfying gameplay loop, where I found new and innovative ways to die. (Exploded by his own grenade, fell into a bottomless pit, lava river, etc.) You can find Rogue Invader on his (official site) and you can buy it on (Steam) for $20.

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