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The Milwaukee Bucks won against the Los Angeles Clippers (137-113) on Sunday at the Arena. Giannis Antekounmpo scored 28 points for 10 rebounds. Giannis Antetokounmpo: “Personally, I try not to think about other teams. We have to do our job in the best possible way. You know, it’s up to us to score, it’s up to us to defend, to rebound. The other teams won’t help us do our job and make things easy. We must continue to form good habits. Whatever happens. Win or lose the match. We gotta get the game started and get Khris involved (Middleton), Bobby (Portis), Grayson (Allen), Pat (Connaughton), Donte (DiVincenzo), Jrue (Holiday). In some matches in January, it was not us. It doesn’t matter if you score 100, 130 or 90 points, you have to defend. When we don’t defend, the other teams score 130 points like that, even if we win in the end. It was not what was planned. We need to be ourselves as much as possible. It is necessary to keep moving forward. April May June. We will continue to play good basketball. This is what we worked on in December, January and February. »

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