hypercars that are a hit, but not only…

As we told you here, Bugatti is definitely not experiencing the crisis. Sailing to against the tide of an automotive market affected by the consequences of health situation, including the various component shortages, theFrench brand keep on sell its hypercars like hotcakes.

Carried by this crazet around the brand, the department “Lifestyle” de Molsheim, responsible for developing the range Bugatti in forms other than automobiles, comes from ath record year in terms of sales, its growth having jumped from 30% over the last 12 months.

The diversification of Bugatti on other media does not date from yesterday, since initiated by its founder in person, Hector, At the beginning of the 20th Century. At the time, theblue oval was marketed on both cars and bicycles, circular razors even security locks.

An ever richer “Lifestyle” range

In 2021, Bugatti strengthened ties with its current partners, while unearthing new veins. Thus, the brand works always collaborates with Jacob & Co. to make watches with materials that are also found in hypercars, such as titanium, diamond…Read more on Sport Auto

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