No respite for Battlefield 2042 – Management reviews and new content postponement

The bad news about EA’s Battlefield 2042 doesn’t end there. We now learn that season 1 of the multiplayer shooter will probably not be released before the summer, more than six months after the planned release in November 2021. Will the game be able to stay afloat for that long, despite the decrease in the number of players?

Technical destruction and disgruntled players

As soon as the shooter launched, a barrage of criticism fell on the poor state and bugs of the game on all platforms. Fundamental gameplay decisions were also questioned and the lack of content was criticized. Dice gradually remedied the situation with a few patches, but that apparently didn’t help much. Meanwhile, there are even more active players online in older Battlefield games than in the current 2042. For a short time, rumors even swirled about the threat of a move to a free-2- play.

It has been confirmed that the long-awaited season 1 will not be released until early next summer. A long waiting period for players. The reason given by the developers is to focus on the current state of the game before adding new content. Small consolation all the same for all buyers of Battlefield 2042, who expected a complete, finished and fun multiplayer shooter.

EA Expresses Disappointment About Battlefield 2042

To top it all off, publisher EA has also been critical of the state of Battlefield 2042. At an investor conference, the company expressed disappointment with the performance, condition, and steady decline in player numbers, but still holds hope in the game. The option of the free-2-play model should therefore be dropped, at least for now. CEO Andrew Wilson indicated that the possible reason for the difficult development phase was work from home related to the Corona pandemic. This made previous big, if not too big, ambitions even more impossible to achieve.

Despite this, Wilson said he wants to continue working on Battlefield 2042 and not give up on the game. It’s about “realizing the full potential of the game.” However, this will take time. Will we get there before players tire of this modern military tactical shooter? In any case, there are plans for many more seasons, maps and DLCs. But for now, the developers still have to polish the basic structure of the game and bring it to a level of quality similar to that of its competitor Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, of which images of season 2 have even recently been disclosed.

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