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No respite for Battlefield 2042 – Management reviews and new content postponement

The bad news about EA's Battlefield 2042 doesn't end there. We now learn that season 1 of the multiplayer shooter will probably not be released before the summer, more than six months after the planned release in November 2021. Will the game be able to stay afloat for that long, despite the decrease in the number of players?Technical destruction and disgruntled players As soon as the shooter launched, a barrage of criticism fell on the poor state and bugs of the game on all platforms. Fundamental gameplay decisions were also questioned and the lack of content was criticized. Dice gradually remedied the situation with a few patches, but that apparently didn't help much. Meanwhile, there are even more active players online in older Battlefield games than in the current 2042. For...

Management positions in the NHL | 25 years ago, Angela Gorgone paved the way

The name of Angela Gorgone was buried deep in the collective memory of the small world of hockey. However, it resurfaced in the news on Monday for two reasons. One happy. The other, frankly less. Posted at 6:55 p.m. Simon Olivier Lorange The PressBy accepting the position of assistant general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, Quebecer Émilie Castonguay succeeded Gorgone, the first woman to have reached such a high position in the NHL. So much for the positive part of the story. What is a bit emb...

Management of COVID-19 | Anglade wants more predictability

Sorry, your browser does not support videos "It's time to really learn to live with the virus," said official opposition leader Dominique Anglade, who is asking for more predictability for Quebecers, exasperated by the constant closings and reopenings of certain sectors. Posted at 10:05 a.m. Updated at 10:19 a.m. Mayssa Ferah The Press“We may have to learn to live...