CS:GO – A daring spawn bug on Mirage!

The new CS:GO update promises, apart from minor changes, a fix for the spawn issue in competitive mode. We show you the cheeky feat!

Anyone who likes to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in competitive mode (matchmaking) may have recently had this curious encounter:

We start the first round of the match and, after a few seconds, we find ourselves facing an opponent who was able to take up much more space than he should have.

There must be a problem!

And in fact. This is a spawn bug that has been exploited in many matchmaking games recently.

Here are two examples of this spawn bug:

The spawn bug was encountered by our CS:GO expert Kai himself on the de_mirage map. At the start of the round, an opposing player disconnected from the server, then re-entered the game shortly before the end of the buy phase. The only difference is that this one didn’t spawn on the usual spawn point, but in the middle of the map.

This process was repeated by the opponent each round. Despite winning a match against this bad scheme, the game was not validated and the cheating player received a permanent ban.

According to the latest patch, a fix has been implemented for this spawn bug

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