Battlefield 2042 ‘didn’t live up to expectations’, but EA won’t give up

During an investor conference, publisher EA admitted to being disappointed with Battlefield 2042. But they don’t want to give up on the shooter.

This is probably the first time that EA has commented critically on the release of Battlefield 2042. At yesterday’s investor conference, the company looked back on a supposedly very successful third quarter of 2021, but it also dedicated a few words to the shooter that suffers from the loss of players. EA reaffirmed its intention to continue developing the shooter.

Previously, it was also announced that the first season of Battlefield 2042 would be delayed to early summer:

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What EA says about Battlefield 2042

CEO Andrew Wilson has taken a stand on the success or failure of the shooter. We summarize and classify his statements.

To begin with, we would like to point out that the following statements have of course been made to justify the current development and further operations in front of investors. This is why many of EA’s statements here remain imprecise and cautious.

Battlefield 2042’s launch fell short of expectations, Wilson notes. Admittedly, the game was previously thought to be ready to go and stable upon release. But, according to Wilson, unexpected performance issues have arisen with the arrival of new players.

Additionally, some design choices would not have appealed to all players in the community. Again, Wilson speaks only very cautiously and nonspecifically about the dissatisfaction with the gunplay.

It is likely that Wilson’s comments are an indication of the community’s dissatisfaction with the design of the maps and the general atmosphere of the game. On the one hand, many players feel that very large maps are sometimes empty and unfinished, and that soldiers on foot sometimes suffer from the considerable distances they have to cover on foot.

On the other hand, players were particularly unhappy with the specialists and their fun, casual talk: many felt that the latter didn’t fit the shooter’s dark history.

For Wilson, the cause of the problems lies in the game’s high ambitions and the difficulties of working from home. He especially mentions the battles for 128 players, new game modes and gameplay.

Indeed, many game developers have faced difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why some games had to be postponed last year. You will find all reports here:

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Lots of substantial reviews

Battlefield 2042 has been criticized precisely because it offers fewer game modes than its predecessors outside of Portal and has significantly less content, for example in terms of maps or weapons, than the last scenario. Battlefield 4 modern military.

Also, the development of Battlefield was probably strewn with problems, if Tom Henderson’s information is to be believed. This insider regularly leaks information about the sector.

Lately, EA Director Wilson emphasized that EA is firmly committed to realizing the full potential of the game. Of course, only time will tell how well this announcement will materialize.

But in 2022, four seasons should still be launched and a significant amount of content should thus be delivered. And it is very necessary, because the transition to Free2Play would no longer be enough to save BF 2042.
For Battlefield fans, all that remains is to hope that EA has a good plan in store for the shooter. Among our readers, a majority is even of the opinion that Electronic Arts had better abandon Battlefield 2042 and develop a new game.

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