Star Wars 1313: new gameplay that makes the end of the project even more bitter

Fans have unearthed never-before-seen gameplay scenes from the Star Wars: 1313 project. In the video, Boba Fett fights his way through Coruscant.

The Book of Boba Fett is currently streaming on Disney Plus, and no later than the fifth episode will likely get many Star Wars fans excited again. And since The Mandalorian, one or the other is certainly also wondering: Why isn’t there a game in which we can wear Beskar armor and go bounty hunting?

The answer to that question is Star Wars 1313. In the abandoned project, we would have followed missions in the underworld of Coruscant as fan favorite Boba Fett. A video has been released, which once again shows what we missed.

What do we see in the video?

Let’s briefly summarize everything shown in this video of about three minutes. But those who wish to admire the gameplay itself without further delay need not wait any longer:

While Star Wars 1313 was to have an as-yet-unknown protagonist, it was later decided that players would play as Boba Fett. It is the latter that the video, divided into two parts, shows.

First, we see protagonist Boba Fett walking through an already largely completed environment in the lower town of Coruscant. The atmosphere of a bustling yet sleazy sci-fi town seems to have been well captured here, with plenty of NPCs and background noise. Only the many different creatures from the Star Wars universe could be missing here, but what was shown was probably not already a definitive version of the scene.

In the second, much longer part, our bounty hunter chases two people, repeatedly has to overcome various obstacles and ditches and sometimes even climb. This course-like scene ends when Boba Fett manages to catch his target. The environments here are for demonstration purposes only and are clearly not finished yet.

Nevertheless, the video does show how the Star Wars shooter could have been played. And for me at least, it really makes me want to see more, which makes the untimely end of Star Wars: 1313 all the sadder.

What is Star Wars: 1313?

The Star Wars game was named after level 1313 of the city-planet Coruscant. This one is found quite far underground in the city and is also part of the local underworld. Law and order is not very present there, which explains why bounty hunters and criminals are rampant.

Star Wars: 1313 was meant to be a third-person shooter in which we played a bounty hunter, in keeping with the underworld setting. At first, it was an unknown character, as shown in the Gamescom trailer from 2012:

Later, it was decided to replace him with Boba Fett from the start of the game. The story of the single-player game was apparently to revolve around the discovery of a criminal conspiracy. Star Wars: 1313 was mostly aimed at adults with its dark vibe. Along with the shooter action, 1313 was also supposed to feature parkour and rock climbing sequences, as we can see in the new gameplay.

Unfortunately, all this did not succeed: after the takeover of the Star Wars franchise by Disney, the LucasArts studio was closed. Concepts from Star Wars: 1313 were used by studio EA Visceral for another planned Star Wars game, which also never saw the light of day. You could almost think that the double 13 really brought bad luck to the game

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