The Elder Scrolls Online: The Island Calls!

Bethesda presented the new The Elder Scrolls Online adventure tonight, which will last all year. The new storyline L’Héritage des Bretons takes you on a journey to the almost unknown archipelago of Syrtes.

Relive the European feudal Middle Ages in all its splendor and intrigue as you explore the Syrene archipelago from March in L’Héritage des Bretons. Immerse yourself in a world where, at the bottom of the ladder, peasants struggle to survive. At the top of the ladder, leaders have fun forging a web of alliances and scams while trying to outdo each other. At the same time, they try to hold peace talks between themselves in order to avoid an imminent war. But an adversary acting in the shadows wants to prevent these discussions at all costs.

Content of the Legacy of the Bretons

Discover the ancestral homeland of the Bretons for 30 hours of never-before-seen content as you explore the two islands of Haute-Île and Amenos. The first offers the chic life of the beautiful and the rich. But Amenos is a prison island where law and order do not exist.
If you want to tackle less serious matters, you can try the new Trading Card Game Stories of Glory. A new 12-player trial also awaits, Graysail Reef. Those who want new companions at their side can rejoice in the presence of Funke and Isobel.
Finally, new world events, Volcanic Vents, will bring an extra dose of suspense, while new dungeons will provide thrills underground. Find all the information in the livestream of The Elder Scrolls Online

The legacy of the Bretons will continue to be told as an event throughout the year, over several episodes. The first DLC, Ascending Tide, will be available on March 14 on PC/Mac as well as on Stadia. On March 29, the adventure will also begin on Xbox and PlayStation. The highlight of the event will be the High Isle Chapter, which will be available this summer. It will be available on June 6 on PC/Mac and Stadia. Xbox and PlayStation players will be able to explore the new chapter starting June 21.

People who purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle can enjoy a series of rewards. For more information, visit the website (official).

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