Age of Empires 4 Ranking: How the First Season Works

Age of Empires 4 is currently testing the new Ranked mode in a preview. We summarize the most important information for you

If you have already assimilated all the races, their best strategies and their most powerful units in the new Age of Empires, you may be in the mood for a new challenge. For all the master strategists and those who want to become one, the 1v1 ranked seasons will be available soon. Here you can compete against players of your skill level and gain higher ranks and rewards by earning victories.

On January 27, 2022, a preview was launched, a sort of closed beta for the first ranking season. Many (new news) have been unveiled on how the new Ranked mode in Age of Empires 4 works. We have summarized the most important information for you

How to get your rank

To get a rank, you must first prove yourself in a few placement battles. In the current preview, you need to play opponents five times in the 1v1 ranked mode to complete your placement. The wording of the official blog suggests that the number of games needed to achieve a ranking could still change.

Once you complete your last placement battle, you get a rank. This is of course not definitive: if you win or lose other ranking matches, you can move up or down in rank.

It is a point system that allows you to get a new rank when you reach a certain number of points. Victories allow you to gain points, while defeats make you lose them. In the ranking menu, you can see at any time how many points you need to reach the next rank.

As this is a ranking season, your rank will likely only be valid during this season. If a new season starts, you’ll probably have to get ranked again and fight your way up.

Ranks available

Currently, there are 7 different ranks or divisions, themselves divided into 3 levels. A total of 21 different classifications are therefore possible. Here is an overview of the ranks, starting with the highest rank:

And here you see the symbols of the respective ranks, which will also be displayed in your profile:

Within each rank, you can be placed at level one, two or three. Level three is the lowest and level one the highest. The highest rank is therefore currently Conqueror 1, the lowest Bronze 3.

These rewards are within your reach

But why bother to fight ranking battles and fight to get to the top? Some might just complete the challenge, but there are also different rewards for getting a rank.

If you have reached a rank at the end of the season, you will receive exclusive rewards for that rank. So there are special rewards for silver, diamond and all other ranks available. These are monuments for your city, as well as coats of arms and portraits for your player profile. However, we do not yet know what the exact rewards will be. It can also be assumed that the higher the rank achieved, the more valuable the rewards will be.

It can also be considered a reward in the broadest sense that your current rank will be displayed both in your player profile and on loading screens and in-game lobbies. So you can brag about your hard-earned rank too.

Can I participate in the preview?

If you have not yet received an invitation to the Prerelease Season, we unfortunately have to disappoint you: It will then no longer be possible to participate. You will have to wait for the spring update for the first ranking season for all players. This will also bring other improvements and changes.
If you would like to participate in similar events in the future, such as the leaderboard preview, you can register at (Age of Empires 4 Insider Program). To do this, you must be at least 18 years old and have a free Xbox Live account

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