Instagram announces sticker in poll format with up to 4 alternatives

Instagram has quietly updated its poll sticker for Stories. It is now possible to add up to four answer choices to a poll, thus doubling the answer choices. The information came through social media consultant Meg Coffey on Twitter, where she says she received an alert about new options for polls in Instagram stories.

In addition to the ability to increase the number of poll responses, user Hammodoh1 said that it is now possible to change the color of the poll sticker question text. Check it out below.

Possibility of adding more options to the poll in stories.  Source: Instagram
Possibility of adding more options to the poll in stories. Source: Instagram

More options for Instagram polls can help creators

With the ability to enter 3 or four responses to a poll in Instagram stories, content creators will be able to generate more engagement on their posts. With greater interaction with the public, the profile on Instagram usually gains greater reach in publications.

Depending on the question created for the poll, it is sometimes difficult to narrow down the options to just two possible answers. With the option to add more choices, it becomes easier to get a more accurate response from the audience.

Launch and availability

The new option for the number of responses in polls and the possibility to change the color of the title of the polls in the stories, is slowly arriving for everyone. If you haven’t received it yet, you’ll need to wait a few more days to get access to the news.

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