what is the sppextcomobjpatcher.exe process and what does it do

Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe is a Windows 10 process that is related to the registry key you used to activate your copy of Windows. In short, this is not nefarious software, that is, something potentially dangerous to your computer.

So, if you see it working in Task Manager, you don’t necessarily need to panic at the idea that your system is infected with a virus. However, if it shows up in an anti-malware scan from a tool like Malwarebytes Antimalware, then he might recommend taking a closer look.

Because of that, check out below all the details about Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe, and what it can do on your computer.

What is Sppextcomobjpatpatcher.exe?

In short, sppextcomobjpatcher on Windows 10 is part of the Key Management Service (KMS). This program is usually used to do “pirate” activation, that is, licensing of Microsoft products.

Therefore, its most typical use is usually to manage your license for Windows 10. However, it can also be used for other Microsoft products that require a key.

That said, sppextcomobhpatcher.exe is most commonly used by pirated versions of Windows in order to circumvent Microsoft’s licensing system. That way, if you’ve seen it on your computer screen, it means your version of Windows is pirated. If you were not responsible for installing Windows on your system, you may want to look into purchasing and registering a legitimate copy.

And here’s a tip: I recommend that you upgrade your Windows installation to a legitimate one. That being said, you might be missing important updates or security patches that could protect your system.

Should I delete Sppextcomobjpatcher?

If you are using a legitimate copy of Windows, there is little chance that you will come across sppextcomobjpatcher. However, if this is the case, the recommendation is to remove it, as it is associated with pirated software.

To delete it, you can either run an anti-malware scan (they will almost always catch it as a keylogger), or remove it manually. It is usually found in one of these locations:




In short, if you are on a genuine version of Windows, and you have this program installed, you can easily delete this file, as this will not harm your system.

On the other hand, if you are running a pirated version of Windows, in the deletion process, the system will send you a notification that you need to restart your system. If you want to keep the pirated version of Windows, then you will have to keep sppextcomobjpatcher. In theory, it shouldn’t compromise the functioning of your system on a day-to-day basis.

In this case, what will happen is that the antivirus will always detect sppextcomobjpatcher, and see it as a potential malware intrusion point that could have been used to infect your system at the time of installation.

Therefore, the safest way to run Windows 10 is to use a legitimate copy with the latest security patches and features applied. And if you stop to think about the damage that a virus can do to your system, you’ll see that it’s not expensive to pay for an official version of the system.

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