Series Out of the Cold (2022) watch online all series

A former Russian spy with unique skills and now a single mother from the United States is torn between caring for her daughter and hunting down a treacherous enemy when the CIA comes after her.

Series Out of the cold (2022) watch all episodes

In Out of the Cold (2022), Netflix’s Jenny Franklin has to raise her kids alone. An ambitious woman tries to cope with the usual difficulties of life. A mysterious person for others lives relatively calmly until such time as her past does not manifest itself. Special CIA officers visit her house. They are actively interested in the activities of the heroine, as proven. What exactly is she behind the elimination of the five most important personalities. The whisper could then disappear, how did the US government find a good mother, an exemplary citizen of the country?

The agents have information that Franklin was a KGB agent, allegedly spying while working for enemy intelligence. According to the CIA, her name was Anya Petrova, the girl was recruited at an early age to participate in a secret experiment, as a result of which she was supposed to gain unique skills. Of the large number of people who were trained, only Jenny survived, turning into a talented spy. A dangerous woman has unique skills, combat skills, which will be needed soon. The fact is that there is a mysterious chain of murders in the nearest area. The ex-spy will have to stop the killer herself, diverting suspicion from herself. She really wants to save the life that she has arranged so painstakingly and for a long time. Watch online series Out of the Cold (2022) Netflix all seasons all series in a row in Russian and in the original language with subtitles. The video is fully available in high quality HD 720p and FullHD 1080p absolutely free. Viewing is possible on mobile phones: Apple iOS iPhone, iPad tablet, on systems running Android, as well as on Smart TVs.

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