“Recommended Radios” is the service’s new playlist section

YouTube Music has gained a new music recommendations category, the “Recommended Radios“. The feature is currently being tested and works differently from other streaming service radios. Rather than playing songs based on a song or artist, YouTube Music radio playlists are inspired by various albums and artists. .

According to 9to5Google, YouTube Music users saw a new recommendations section called “Recommended Radios” on the music service’s homepage. In all, 10 radio stations are available that are updated every time the user updates the feed. Each of the radio covers has an image with three artists in the center, showing what you’ll find in the track selection.

How do playlists in the “Recommended radios” section work?

Each radio station is called by the name of one of the artists present in the playlist or by the band or musical genre. There’s also a brief description of what you’ll find when you hit play. There may also be, in place of the description, the year of release of the selected tracks.

When playing a radio station on YouTube Music, a page will open to display the playlist with the selected songs. All playlists contain the following sentence in the description:

“Infinite songs customized for you. Always updating”

Recommended radio from YouTube Music. Source: 9to5google

Launch and availability

YouTube Music Recommended Radios is currently being tested with a limited number of users and there is still no exact release date for the feature. With the various updates taking place on the platform, it seems that Google is making efforts to improve the user experience on YouTube Music.

According to the report by entertainment research firm MIDIA, YouTube Music has 8% of the music streaming market.

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