EBC director says talking about covid is boring and asks to reduce coverage

The director of EBC (Ema de Comunicação-Brasil), Glen Lopes a Valente, said last week that “it’s boring” to talk daily about the COVID-19 pandemic and that “it’s not an exciting business” to the point of being broadcast all over the world. time. In one of his speeches, Glen even compared the COVID-19 pandemic to the H1N1 outbreak.

A EBC, the company responsible for TV Brasil, Agência Brasil and public radios, came to neglect the coverage of COVID-19 last year. According to Folha de S. Paulo, company employees said that “decontextualized data” was used and there was no “monitoring of the evolution of the disease in Brazil”. It was said that TV Brasil did not recognize, for example, the lack of oxygen in Manaus.

The need for information vehicles that contain reliable and easy-to-understand data

The COVID-19 outbreak has increasingly dominated the headlines of websites, magazines and newspapers. There are scientists in different parts of the world at the moment trying to find out what influences transmission and how it occurs in order to find some solution to stop the emergence of more cases. in the midst of it there are erroneous opinions and information circulating on the internet through websites and social networks, for this it is important that people know how to filter information, but this is a task that is not always within everyone’s reach.

in order to avoid outdated or erroneous information about health, we recommend some sites for you to follow and keep up to date:

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