Modern Warfare II – 11 studios would be involved in CoD 2022

New Modern Warfare II rumors have surfaced: As many as 11 dev studios are involved in Call of Duty 2022 according to a leak

A new Call of Duty game is expected this year, rumored to be called Modern Warfare II. On Thursday, an insider leaked reports indicating that many development teams are working on the title.

According to leaker RalphsValve, a total of eleven teams are involved in this complex project. Among them would be Activision studios, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch. Some big names in the industry would therefore be involved.

The ambition of the next installment of the CoD series would be very high. So it wouldn’t be surprising if so many development studios were involved. The leaker added that so far things have gone off without a hitch.

If the leaked information corresponds to the truth and many creative minds are involved in this project, it could still be that the outcome is still chaotic, according to the motto “many cooks spoil the porridge”.

The concentrated strength of the development studios, however, could also ideally lead to a new Call of Duty flagship. Activision has not confirmed anything yet and the name of the new game is not yet officially known. This information could therefore still change.

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