Destiny 2: The best content in history is (still) free, but will soon disappear

Before the upcoming launch of the new addon, you can play the Forsaken campaign for free. But you must hurry, because time is running out.

Time is ticking: As of December 2021, all Destiny 2 characters can access the grand Forsaken campaign for free, but that luxury will soon end. Indeed, the old content will then be put on hold and can no longer be played.

Find out here why developer Bungie was forced to take such harsh action and why Forsaken is a must for any Destiny 2 fan.

What awaits you in the Forsaken campaign

How long can I still play for free? You can play the Forsaken campaign at no additional cost until February 22, 2022, including for Free-2-Play players.

What does Forsaken offer me Among Destiny 2 fans, Forsaken is considered the multiplayer shooter’s best story-driven campaign to date. Those who know the story will reap the benefits, especially on an emotional level, and many important details of the action are still relevant today. The role of Uldren Sov (aka the Raven), in particular, is shed in a new light by events.

However, not all Forsaken content is freely accessible. A few additional features are offered as a bundle in the Store, namely the following:

  • The Dungeon The Shattered Throne
  • All exotic weapons introduced to the game with Forsaken


Anyone who, for example, is currently planning to get into Destiny 2, should definitely check out Forsaken’s story to have a say (or at least nod knowingly) in the future.

The future is a good keyword – what does it look like Even after February 22, Destiny 2 heroes won’t have to give up new content. This is when the new The Witch Queen addon will begin, which you can already get an idea of ​​in the story trailer:

Why is Forsaken removed from the game After February 22, developer Bungie will, as we said, send the Forsaken campaign into the Eternal Hunting Grounds. The reason for this, according to the studio’s statements, is the complexity of the game’s code.

When new addon content appears, older content needs to be replaced in order to ensure game stability. This regularly causes player dissatisfaction, as paid content is ultimately no longer accessible.

Whether Forsaken will only be put in the freezer to possibly be reactivated later remains to be seen. We could consider special events like birthdays

for such feedback.

What content will disappear Finally, we give you a clear list of content that will soon disappear from the game:

  • The Forsaken countryside, including the Wirr Bay area
  • Omens and Warning Signs Missions

Are you going to take the opportunity to try your hand at Destiny 2? Or are you happy, as an experienced player, to be able to catch up on the campaign? Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments!

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