Train Life: The train simulation will soon get a bunch of new content

A train journey is fun, a train journey is beautiful. This – slightly edited – children’s song could already very aptly describe the core gameplay of Train Life. Because in this simulation, you can take the wheel of many trains that you already admired as a child, with your mouth open at the exit of the station.

If you ever get bored of taking a lot of trains (however that may be), you can also trade in your conductor’s cap for a manager’s tie and keep your business running smoothly. And what happens when, after dozens of hours of play, you have moved all the trains and learned all the routes by heart? It’s clear: the developer provides additional material.

That’s exactly what’s coming to Train Life soon, as the second big major update for the Early Access phase delivers more of the known stuff – and in a good way. It contains new trains, new railway lines and new scenarios that will present you with new challenges. The trailer gives you a taste of the content of the update. Those who participate in Early Access can try out the new features now.

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