CoD: Warzone – Supposedly no more FOV Slider on console

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The biggest community request in Call of Duty : Warzone is the FOV Slider on console. However, it is very likely that this one will not happen.

The FOV Slider has been around for quite some time in Call of Duty: Warzone. This stands for Field of View and indicates how much of the environment can be processed and perceived graphically. However, this option does not exist on the console. According to leaks and insiders, this is a technical glitch in the game itself, making this feature impossible on PlayStation 4 and others.

Consoles would have graphics limitations that don’t allow using the FOV Slider – yet. Following a report of a possible Warzone sequel, the subject of the FOV Slider has been revived. It is said that this option will be available next year in Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 should be a revamped version of the Battle Royal and could thus fix some flaws and problems like the many bugs and glitches. However, for the sequel to Warzone 2, an FOV slider would no longer be designed for the PlayStation 4.

After all, the developers would no longer be tied to the graphics and hardware restrictions of the PlayStation 4 and could improve and showcase them for the new game. Hence, the likelihood that the FOV Slider will be available on consoles before Warzone 2 is relatively low. Players will therefore have to continue to make do with the default settings.

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