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Still little hope for the PS5 – Sony struggles with console shortages

Sony is giving gamers little hope for a PS5 this year. The production schedule for the console is revised downwards.To get a PlayStation 5, you need to have particularly agile fingers. The console is constantly out of stock. Despite the positive sales numbers in Wednesday's quarterly report, Sony is sure to produce even fewer PS5 consoles in 2022. No sooner is the PlayStation 5 available in stores than it's already gone. So far, the company has sold 17.3 million consoles. Yet Sony is failing to restock and many gamers are still finding themselves on the ditch with no prospect of getting a PlayStation 5. This is also the reason why the company had to revise down the forecast console production for the current fiscal year. Previously, Sony planned to produce 14.8 million PS5 con...
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CoD: Warzone – Supposedly no more FOV Slider on console

- Advertisement -The biggest community request in Call of Duty : Warzone is the FOV Slider on console. However, it is very likely that this one will not happen.The FOV Slider has been around for quite some time in Call of Duty: Warzone. This stands for Field of View and indicates how much of the environment can be processed and perceived graphically. However, this option does not exist on the console. According to leaks and insiders, this is a technical glitch in the game itself, making this feature impossible on PlayStation 4 and others. Consoles would have graphics limitations that don't allow using the FOV Slider – yet. Following a report of a possible Warzone sequel, the subject of the FOV Slider has been revived. It is said that this option will be available next year...
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Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven are releasing Prison Architect: Perfect Storm on PC and console

With Prison Architect: Perfect Storm Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today release a new expansion for the popular prison management sim. In Perfect Storm Players must survive natural disasters such as severe thunderstorms while still maintaining a high standard of living for their inmates. Prison Architect: Perfect Storm is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for EUR 9.99 (RRP).Disasters of any kind could occur at any moment, causing increasing unrest among prison inmates. Prison management can train staff, apply for grants, and continue to secure the site to better manage the prison's impact. Players are encouraged to create a clean and safe environment by preparing for disasters. This, in turn, rewards those directors who make prison inmates f...