Warzone Season 2 info and leaks – weapons, operators, maps and more

The second season of CoD: Warzone is fast approaching and the excitement is building. We show you what we already know about season 2

The second season of Warzone will start on February 14 with new content. Several leaks regarding weapons, operators and map changes have already circulated. We show you what awaits us in the Call of Duty Battle Royale.

Operators Gustavo and Anna with new weapons

Some dataminers have already been able to find the two operators Anna and Gustavo for season 2. They have thus discovered an image on which we can also recognize new weapons. Thus, Gustavo is probably carrying an Armaguerra OG-43, but we can also see rifles like the Chauchat, the KG M/40 and some shotguns.

Modifications of the Boiler

Warzone’s newest map, Caldera, is considered by some players to be rather mediocre. Raven Software seems intent on tackling this issue, as thanks to a few tweets, the map is expected to receive various new buildings and points of interest (POIs). But it will be necessary to wait for the launch of season 2 to know if this will improve the map in a decisive way.

Is Rebirth Island disappearing?

The Rebirth Island map is used in Warzone for shorter and faster games, which nevertheless remain in the Battle Royale style. But according to some leakers, either a completely new map will replace Rebirth Island or a new version of the map will be created. Some also speculate that a rotation could take place between Rebirth Island and the alleged new map. But that’s just speculation

Redeployment balloons and new planes

Another leak revealed that a new plane will be available soon. But that could conflict with Redeploy balloons, the tweet read. Redeplay balloons already exist in games like Apex or Fortnite. They allow players to quickly move around the map by being catapulted through the air again, then fly away with their parachute, like when they land at the start of the game. But it’s not yet clear what exactly that will look like.

Gas weapons

The same leaker, also discovered that due to the Nebula-5 gas from the convoys, other gas weapons may be implemented in the game. These should be found in Caldera bunkers, that is- i.e. as loot on the ground.

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