Soon all invisible in Warzone? Next bug makes the gulag disappear

A new bug has appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. This time around, players find themselves in an invisible gulag.
Seeing and being seen literally takes on a new role in Call of Duty: Warzone. On Tuesday, a post was published on Reddit, presenting a new bug. The gulag appears there distinctly different from what it usually is – if indeed anything can be seen there. Indeed, the camp seems to simply be dissolving.

Call of Duty : Warzone Pacific continues to be riddled with bugs and errors. Recently, an invisible gas appeared causing damage to players. There were also other graphical bugs, where a weapon would suddenly disappear when aiming. This time again, a new bug appears, which simply makes the whole gulag disappear.

Reddit user RoyalMannequin shows a screenshot where the gulag just doesn’t appear. After the player is eliminated in Caldera, their operator should be brought to camp as planned. However, the gulag simply does not load and only shows blue skies on screen. No walls, objects or other content are visible. Only the bodies of other players and enemies are still visible in the gulag.

The bug only seems to occur in Warzone on console. In the case of RoyalMannequin, it happened on the Xbox Series X. However, some gamers have found a fix for this graphical glitch on PlayStation and Xbox. All you have to do is delete some unused data. CoD players must go to the management of add-ons in Warzone for this. There, you have to delete the “Reserved Space” file for Modern Warfare. This should fix a few graphical errors – though there’s no guarantee the Gulag will return to normal.

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