The Sims 4 is celebrating Brazilian Carnival soon

Do you also want to escape the gloom of the beginning of the year? So look forward to next week! Indeed, The Sims 4 will release a set of carnival streetwear to celebrate the festive and colorful season in Brazil. This expansion was heavily influenced by drag queen, model, and songwriter Pabllo Vitar.

Anyone who has always wanted to give their Sims that little something extra can look forward to February 3. On this day, The Sims 4 releases the Carnival Streetwear Kit, which will give your wardrobe a boost. Cups, colorful fruit patterns, sequined tops, bright makeup and multicolored accessories will complete your outfits. This new extension must above all symbolize the feeling of freedom and joie de vivre that are fully experienced during the Brazilian carnival.

Along with the visual delight of this Sims 4 expansion, Pabllo Vittar also makes an aural contribution. His dance hit “Buzina”, taken from the album Não Para Não, is indeed recorded in simlish. If you want to dance to the song, you can select the carnival station in-game. To celebrate the base game expansion, players will receive an express delivery from Sims with Brazilian food and a mask. In March, there will also be art by Brazilian artist Lano.

The Sims 4 Carnival Streetwear Kit will be available from February 3 on PC (Steam, Origin), PlayStation and Xbox.

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