Season 5 is now available; see details

As a Hi-Rez With a desire to make 2022 the best year for Paladins, Season 5 of the game arrives today for all players. With a lot of content, the new competitive season is already part of updates that should improve the audience experience more and more.

Now, the free-to-play shooter gets several new features, including a new champion, called VII (seven), Right Hand of the Court. In addition to the new character, the game also gained a new 2022 Season Pass, Abyss Academy Event Pass, new progression rewards, and even more.

VII the new champion of Paladins

In the flank function, with 1900 health, VII has a heavy submachine gun as a weapon. Its alternate fire is called “teaching discipline”, and its abilities are “explosive dodge” and “fixing hook”. already yours Supreme is “Decree77”, which makes it so that by targeting enemies with his mask and locking onto them, VII can do a lot of damage.

“The Realm has always been in danger. Whether from calamitous threats, ancient scourges, or the unbridled ambition of cruel people, fate has always conspired against the Realm’s inhabitants. It was to combat these injustices that the Outer Court was formed. But for true justice to prevail, the order would need something more than pious judges. They would need an executioner.”

The Trials of the Kingdom

With the Academy of the Abyss, new tests are available in the game. Players can complete trials weekly to earn assorted rewards.


  • Temple Isles – Opens January 26
  • Eastern Limit – Opens February 2nd
  • Commerce District – Opens February 9
  • Abyss – Opens February 16
  • Crossroads – Opens February 23
  • Vigia Promontory – Opens March 2nd
  • Aico Tundra – Opens March 9
  • Lunar Coast – Opens March 16

Lots of news in season 5

In addition to trials, rewards, and a new champion, the new season of Paladins has several other news for the title, including limited-time modes, balance changes, and more.

In this link you can check all the update notes.

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