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Season 5 is now available;  see details
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Season 5 is now available; see details

As a Hi-Rez With a desire to make 2022 the best year for Paladins, Season 5 of the game arrives today for all players. With a lot of content, the new competitive season is already part of updates that should improve the audience experience more and more. Now, the free-to-play shooter gets several new features, including a new champion, called VII (seven), Right Hand of the Court. In addition to the new character, the game also gained a new 2022 Season Pass, Abyss Academy Event Pass, new progression rewards, and even more. VII the new champion of Paladins In the flank function, with 1900 health, VII has a heavy submachine gun as a weapon. Its alternate fire is called "teaching discipline", and its abilities are "explosive dodge" and "fixing hook". already yours Supreme is "Decree...