How do I find a reputable online casino?

The establishment of online casinos has lowered the inhibitions to visit gambling establishments. Today, all you need is an Internet-enabled computer to join the fray of fortune seekers. But since online casinos involve large sums of money, aspects relating to security and seriousness are particularly important when choosing the gaming temple. We provide you with a guide to finding a reliable provider.

These reasons speak for an online casino

Online casinos offer pure comfort, as you can play conveniently and around the clock from home. Those who find etiquette rather annoying no longer need to grapple with an annoying dress code. The range of games is greatest in virtual space and casinos and players can look forward to significantly higher payout ratios, which are also higher than RTP-Quote can be viewed for each individual piece of play equipment.

How do I find a reputable online casino?

Players find a reputable online casino by basing their casino comparison test on criteria that provide information about the seriousness of the venues. First of all, it is important to have a high-quality gaming license. The gaming license from Curacao has a good reputation. In this way, all venues with a corresponding gaming license can be combined in one provider test Curacao Casinos List merge.

Is there a license?

Basically, players should make sure that the online casino has at least one valid gaming license. In addition to the gaming license from Curacao, the licenses from Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the UK Gambling Commission from Great Britain have a good reputation.

The gaming license is only available if the online casino passes the strict testing procedures. It offers security that reasonable requirements for the protection of minors and players are met, deposits and withdrawals are made reliably, the specified RTP odds per game are correct and the balance is secured against insolvency.

The level of the payout percentage

In casino comparison tests, the average exploitation rate of the individual online casinos is compared. So players can opt for a gaming temple that tends to give them the most generous chances of winning.

The game offer

At online casinos, players can look forward to a wide range of different games. The range of games ranges from the popular slots and table games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette to sports betting and scratch cards.

Our tip: Avoid online casinos with a German gaming license! They are no longer allowed to offer table games (except poker), live games and jackpot slots.

Does software need to be installed?

In the past, it was often necessary to install software to visit an online casino. Today, most game temples run as web applications, so they can be accessed by any player.

Are there bonuses?

Players like bonuses for obvious reasons. Possible bonuses in online casinos are a new customer bonus and a deposit bonus. The highest sums are to be expected with these types of bonuses, but they are more aimed at high rollers. So that low rollers also get their money’s worth, many casinos offer a no-deposit bonus that occasionally yields smaller rewards. Some venues reward friend referrals with a small sum.

Is there support?

Support is standard in online casinos. Its existence should be a necessary condition for comparing providers. Otherwise, the gaming temple is not serious and offers players no security and no opportunities to clarify open questions in the event of a conflict. A good customer service offers contact in German, answers quickly and competently and can be reached in several ways, i.e. via e-mail, chat, telephone and contact form.

Is there a live casino?

Live games are popular because they make up for the disadvantage of online casinos in terms of the lack of atmosphere. Live dealer casino games offer real-time gaming, mimicking the immersion of real casinos. They use interactive elements and advanced VR and AR technologies. Because online casinos know about the popularity of table games, live casino games are almost always part of their portfolio. The number of live dealer games can be determined in a casino comparison test.

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