Hearthstone Battleground Friends have arrived

Patch 22.2 is now live, and all players can grab a free map just by logging in.

Hearthstone update 22.2 is now live, bringing tweaks, changes, fixes, and most importantly, Battleground Friends, a collection of 75 new minions, each unique to their hero.

Last week we got a preview of the companions, including a gallery of each one, but Hearthstone fans might want to take note of a few gameplay changes that have gone live with the new update. day :

    The Battlegrounds armor system will be disabled while we test the new friends system. For now, we plan to re-enable the armor system in a later patch, once we reassess hero power levels with their new companions.

  • Hero selection has also been temporarily extended by 10 seconds (up to a total of 70 seconds) while players learn the new buddy system.
  • Tavern level 5 cost increased by 2 gold. Its cost is now 11 gold.
  • On January 25, the current Battlegrounds season will end, ratings will be reset, and the new season will begin.

    ‚ÄúThere’s no doubt that the buddies are, for now at least, a lot of fun. Seeing the bar rise, knowing that you’ll be able to jump with some kind of power spike into the next phase of shopping, definitely adds excitement. I think my favorite so far is Yogg-Saron’s buddy, whose text simply says “Battlecry: Spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.” As you’d expect from Yogg, the results vary wildly. Once I got +3/+3 to my whole board and their stats were redistributed. Another time I received three random prizes from the Darkmoon Faire. I’m still wondering if not having a bunch of new minions in the main pool isn’t going to lead to this patch being less fresh faster, due to late game competitions which are similar to what we had before. For now, I can’t wait to play more.

    It’s also worth noting that Hearthstone’s annual Lunar New Year event will begin soon, and to kick things off, players can now grab the Dancing Lion Card Back for free from the Hearthstone Store. Take a look there :

    Full details on the Hearthstone 22.2 update and new additions to the minion lineup can be found at (playhearthstone.com).

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