Excel replaces Advienne with former G2 support Mikyx

Barely two weeks into the LEC Spring Split, Excel are making a major roster change by bringing in former G2 player Mikyx.

G2 Esports officially unveiled Mikyx earlier today. A few hours later, Excel announced that the support player would join the squad ahead of Week 3 of the LEC. Mikyx will join Patrik in Excel’s lower lane and reunite with former G2 coach Nelson

Mikyx is parting ways with G2 after almost three years with the organization. During his time at G2, Mikyx notably won four consecutive national titles, an MSI championship title and participation in the world finals. After the team collapsed in 2021, G2 underwent a massive shakeup.

After failing to secure a starting spot at the start of the 2022 LEC Spring Split, Mikyx will now join Excel three weeks into the season. This unexpected roster change will unfortunately leave the promising support of Excel, Advienne, without a team. On this change, the Dutch support said: “This decision was made by the management only, without any open dialogue with my (now ex) teammates or any warning before the decision was made”.

Like many viewers, the choice surprised Advienne who said Excel planned to rebuild the entire 2022 squad around him and Markoon. “During the off-season, Excel made it clear that the roster for 2022 was going to be rebuilt around Markoon and me. »

Excel got off to a rather tough start in the LEC, currently in sixth place with a 2-3 record. Known for not reaching the playoffs and finishing in seventh place every time since their inception in the LEC, Excel are hoping to change their reputation.

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