Nets won’t listen to offers made for James Harden | NBA

James Harden will still have the Nets jersey on his shoulders in two weeks. The day after the denials formulated by the leader of the Nets, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that his franchise does not intend to listen to offers made to recover the bearded man by the transfer deadline of February 10.

A decision motivated by the fact that Brooklyn does not think the former Rocket wants to leave. On the contrary, he would continue to express his desire to win a title in Brooklyn. The Sixers, who are talked about a lot because of a potential trade with Ben Simmons, would not have made a concrete offer anyway.

Beyond player position, owner Joe Tsai and GM Sean Marks reportedly remain convinced that his association with Kevin Durant and the rarely fielded Kyrie Irving makes the Nets an unplayable team.

With the expected return of Kevin Durant next February, and despite the fact that Kyrie Irving cannot play at home, the Nets should therefore once again benefit from a window of opportunity to aim for the title.

The ESPN insider reminds that next summer, the 32-year-old could give up his option at $47 million for the 2022/23 season and thus offer himself a $223 million extension on four years with the Nets. With potentially 62 million dollars over the last year of this contract, he would become the first player whose income exceeds 60 million over a season…

James HardenPercentageBounces
2017-18 HOU723544.936.785.
2020-21 *All Teams443746.636.
2020-21 *BRK363747.136.685.
2020-21 *HOU83644.434.788.

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