Giants continue to rely on Daniel Jones, Watson not an issue

Munich/New York – Even under the new general manager Joe Schoen, Daniel Jones continues to enjoy full confidence with the New York Giants. “The boy has good physical abilities. He has the arm strength, he’s athletic and he can walk,” said new general manager Joe Schoen at his first press conference.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Daniel. When the new staff is here – meaning the offensive coordinator, the head coach, all the staff – then we’re going to build an offense around Daniel and through that bring out what he does best can.” Jones was picked surprisingly early in the 2019 NFL Draft at position 6 and so far has not lived up to expectations.

In the 2021 season, he recorded a respectable 2,428 passing yards and a throwing accuracy of 64.27 percent in eleven appearances. However, he only managed ten touchdown passes. He also threw seven interceptions. Jones enters the final year of his rookie contract in 2022.

Overall, Jones is held in high esteem by the Giants, as Schoen explains: “I’ve been here the last two days and spoken to a lot of people. There isn’t anyone in this building who has said a bad word about their work ethic, passion and will to win .”

Trade for Deshaun Watson is not an option

The emerging rumors that the Giants could also be looking for Deshaun Watson were immediately nipped in the bud by team co-owner John Mara: “We will not trade for Deshaun Watson. There are many reasons why we will not do that. We would be anyway unable to afford it for us. But more importantly, with all the allegations against him, it wouldn’t be for us right now.”

Watson is still with the Houston Texans but did not play a game last season after several women accused him of sexual harassment.

Whether Jones is still the right quarterback for the Giants, Mara wants to let the general manager and the future head coach decide freely. “We have the feeling that Daniel can play,” he says, taking responsibility for the passer’s difficult early days.

“We’ve done everything we can to screw this kid up since he got here. We keep changing coaches, changing offensive coordinators, offensive line coaches. I take full responsibility for that.”

But the gaze would be forward: “Now let’s get the right group of coaches and give them some continuity and try to rebuild the offensive line. Then they will be able to make a good assessment of whether he is in the franchise “It may or may not be quarterback. I have a lot of hope in Daniel and I know how badly he wants it. We’re certainly not giving up on him.”

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