From sofa to throne: Crusader Kings III is coming to consoles in March

The noble splendor of medieval strategy is coming soon to the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStatio consolesn 5. The acclaimed strategy RPG Crusader Kings III by Paradox Interactive will be released on March 29, 2022 for consoles. This gives a whole new group of players the opportunity to build a legendary dynasty in the historical strategy game par excellence.

Working with the Lab42 development team, Paradox created the dynamic and ever-changing gameplay of Crusader Kings III adapted to a new environment, utilizing the unique characteristics of the console game. Few other games offer such a rich array of strategic options: political marriages to unite noble houses, brutal wars to establish quasi-legal claims, personal relationships to unite a fractured empire, and even subtle intrigues to subvert rivals or turn off.

Crusader Kings III for consoles features a customized user interface and control scheme tailored specifically for larger screens and console gamepads. The all-new controls allow players to quickly and easily navigate through the game’s menus using triggers, bumpers and quick movements of the analog stick. The console version also supports the main features of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5, like super-fast load times for a seamless gaming experience, plus haptic and adaptive trigger controller feedback. Players can use Quick Resume to switch between the game and other applications such as YouTube, where they can watch a tutorial on how to put down a peasant uprising.

PlayStation 5 users will experience the game’s stress mechanics for themselves, as their DualSense controllers will physically react to in-game events as they unfold. For example, the more stress a character has accumulated, the more resistance is applied to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers. The PS5’s “Activities” feature and in-game help also provide a platform to help new players take their first steps into the world of Crusader Kings.

The features of Crusader Kings III at a glance:

Character-Driven Gameplay: Each character that players play or interact with has their own unique personality. In-game events and options are largely determined by the type of person playing them.

Endless possibilities: Players take over any noble house from Iceland to India, Finland to Central Africa, over five centuries. They interact with wandering guests, wayward children, devious spymasters and holy men in an elaborate tapestry of medieval life.

Warfare: They gather their vassals and deploy their soldiers to besiege enemy castles or put down rebellions. Personal skill on the battlefield can earn them great honor, but strategic planning is the road to victory.

Royal Marriages: Players will spread their dynasty’s DNA across the world, stamping their royal seal on the coats of arms of kingdoms and duchies far and wide. They marry for power and raise children to lay claim to new lands.

Saints and Sinners: Whether they remain faithful to their religious leaders or commit major crimes in the interests of the state is entirely up to the players. When push comes to shove, they can always indulge in heretical activities or found a new religion that better suits their priorities.

The console version of Crusader Kings III can now for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 be pre-ordered. More information about the game is available at:

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