LoL Patch 12.3 Preview – Riot Games Plans Zeri Nerfs

Riot Games is planning a new update for League of Legends. Update 12.3 should include item adjustments and improvements for champions

Riot Games designer “ Phlox revealed on Monday night what players can expect from the upcoming 12.3 update. These are mostly champions with nerfs. The recently released character Zeri should also be among them.

As part of this update, maintainers want to focus on Fighter/Bruiser style champions. In addition to health adjustments, new features are planned for nine characters. Some of these changes would mostly be considered because of the professional scene. A lot of the champions, like Caitlyn, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate, and Corki, are currently picked in preference in competitions and therefore have a pretty high pick-ban rate.

The recently added Champion Zeri is also set to get an update in the upcoming League of Legends 12.3 patch. Until now, the character stood out for its incredible speed. Nevertheless, it is not yet known if this aspect will be generated by Riot Games. On the other hand, the two champions Lillia and Quinn should benefit from buffs. Ahri and Nami should also be subject to adjustments

In addition to bringing buffs and nerfs to certain champions, Riot Games plans to modify several objects. Among these objects, we find in particular the Goredrinker. This item already dominated Season 11, as it was almost mandatory to buy it from a Bruiser champion. Additionally, adjustments are planned for the Sterak’s Gage, Turbo Chemtank, Trinity Force, and a few other items. Patch 12.3 is expected to go live on League of Legends on Wednesday, February 2.

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