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We thought we would not see him again until next season, after his operation for a torn meniscus in his left knee, but Collin Sexton could finally find the floors in the playoffs.

As his rehabilitation is going smoothly, the Cavaliers fullback clearly hasn’t ruled out the idea of ​​a possible comeback when things get serious.

“I’m fine and I’m on schedule”, he explains to the Plain Dealer. “I feel good physically and mentally. I’ll come back when I’m 100% and my body tells me it’s ready. When we are in the playoffs, we will see. Clearly, we’ll see then. »

However, according to our colleagues, the leaders of the Cavaliers do not expect to see Collin Sexton again this season. The franchise wants to be careful, especially since Cleveland (fifth in the Eastern Conference) is doing very well without him. There is therefore no reason to rush his return.

Which is logical since the playoffs start on April 16 and the back will not have played since his injury on November 7 in Brooklyn. Relaunching him, after more than five months in the infirmary, faced with the intensity of the playoffs, is obviously not ideal for him physically, and it is very risky.

Last detail finally, who can play for the player as for the franchise, he will be a free agent (protected or not) this summer and getting injured (seriously) again during the playoffs will not facilitate negotiations afterwards…

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