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LoL Patch 12.3 Preview – Riot Games Plans Zeri Nerfs

Riot Games is planning a new update for League of Legends. Update 12.3 should include item adjustments and improvements for champions Riot Games designer “ Phlox revealed on Monday night what players can expect from the upcoming 12.3 update. These are mostly champions with nerfs. The recently released character Zeri should also be among them. As part of this update, maintainers want to focus on Fighter/Bruiser style champions. In addition to health adjustments, new features are planned for nine characters. Some of these changes would mostly be considered because of the professional scene. A lot of the champions, like Caitlyn, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate, and Corki, are currently picked in preference in competitions and therefore have a pretty high pick-ban rate. The recently added C...
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Following community criticism, Riot is removing the Chemtech Drake from LoL

The Chemtech Drake has been a hot topic in the League of Legends community since its introduction. Riot Games is now reacting and temporarily removing it from the game.At the launch of the recent League of Legends pre-season, several changes and new features including the Hextech and Chemtech drakes were made in November 2021. Shortly after the release of the Chemtech Drake, players criticized the soul buff and the field effect. On Monday, the dragon was retired indefinitely.Riot Games has not yet indicated when the dragon will return to the game. Following feedback received on social media and in polls, the developer has decided to temporarily disable the Chemtech Drake, the Soul associated with it as well. than the camouflage terrain in League of Legends. In its statement on r...