G2 Esports finalizes CS:GO 2022 roster with Aleksib and XTQZZZ

The European esports giant has finally announced its five-man squad and coaching staff, along with its newest additions.

G2 Esports has finally completed its roster shakeup in preparation for the 2022 competitive season. The team has added former OG IGL Aleksib and former Vitality coach XTQZZZ to complete the squad. Although rumors surrounding these signings swirled for several weeks, G2’s video titled “The Final Piece” confirmed these roster moves.

The video featured the current members of G2 Esports CS:GO struggling to put together the perfect roster and even referenced the team’s shortcomings against Na’Vi. In the last moments, Aleksib enters the room to finally put the last piece in place. The end of the meeting confirmed the starting five of G2: m0NESY, NiKo, JACKZ, huNter-, and Aleksib with XTQZZZ as main coach.

This announcement confirmed the withdrawal of G2’s former IGL, Nexa. In exchange for Aleksib, G2 sent the Rifleman to OG to fill Aleksib’s void. Former AWPer AMANEK will also officially be on the sidelines while 16-year-old prodigy m0NESY will hold the role for the time being. It’s likely that AMANEK will eventually be dropped from the roster, but he has yet to find a more permanent role.

Former G2 Esports Coach Malek left a few weeks ago, having already signed on to become the Evil Geniuses’ Head Coach for 2022. XTQZZZ has led the Vitality team since almost the organization’s inception in CS :GO. Overall, G2 had a stellar 2021, despite largely failing on some of the biggest stages, including the PGL Stockholm Major. With a new reloaded roster, G2 expects an even better 2022.

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