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Southern Quebec has had its share of icy days since the beginning of January, further complicating the experience of ski enthusiasts, who again this year have to put on their boots and eat their lunch in the car, in response to sanitary measures. in force. But it is nevertheless possible to take full advantage of your next ski outing. Advice.

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Pierre-Marc Durivage

Pierre-Marc Durivage
The Press

Many ski resorts recorded record traffic on Sunday, January 9, as snow sports enthusiasts chose to take advantage of the mild weather to hit the slopes all at the same time. During the afternoon peak, you had to wait very long minutes before getting on the chairlifts. “There was a combination of many things that day, explains Évelyne Déry, marketing and communications advisor at Bromont, montagne d’experiences. It had been very cold the day before, and as the weather was super nice and all the shops were closed on Sunday, people wanted to come and ski. »

In the Laurentians, we also experienced similar traffic, with considerable queues at the ski lifts. “In a typical year, we will hit 10 days when all the stars align, and we hit our first day of its kind on Sunday, January 9,” admits Christian Dufour, marketing director for Les Sommets, which brings together the Saint- Sauveur, Gabriel, Olympia, Morin-Heights and Edelweiss.

It is therefore necessary to plan our outings well in advance to avoid peak hours. At 3:00 p.m., when night skiing begins, it’s the busiest time. Better to arrive early, but you can also take the opportunity to ski during the lunch period.

Christian Dufour, Marketing Director for Les Sommets

Like last year, the watchword this year is also to buy your tickets in advance, because the majority of stations offer a limited number of daily tickets – and we are told that many people still arrive without a ticket. while the station is full. To which is added this year the obligation to show your health passport. “People should expect to wait a little longer,” warns Marc-André Meunier, sales and marketing director at Bromont, montagne d’experiences.

The validation time for the vaccine passport is longer, and many customers who are on their first experience have more questions to ask about health measures. But if people buy their tickets in advance and arrive 30 minutes before the start of the chosen time slot, they will make their lives easier.

Marc-André Meunier, Sales and Marketing Director at Bromont, montagne d’experiences

brave the cold

However, all the speakers agree that you shouldn’t be afraid to brave the cold, because that’s where you can experience the best days of skiing. “You have to watch the winds, advises Marc-André Meunier. Saturday, January 8, it was full sun, the winds were light, it was really a beautiful winter day. You also have to realize that when the waiting time is very short, you ski a lot. Also, we offer a catering service, you can eat outside in a heated outdoor area with suitable facilities for about fifty people. »

“I really recommend that people experiment with days like January 8, also suggests Christian Dufour. There is a way to dress warmly, we put on boot warmers and mittens, but it is also allowed to enter to warm up and recharge your batteries quickly. »

Also, although we try to time the 15 minutes allowed in the chalets, if someone is still cold, we are not going to harass them and throw them out. What we want is to avoid loitering. The measures in place are there with the aim that there is enough space, in compliance with the rules of physical alienation.

Christian Dufour, Marketing Director for Les Sommets

With the natural snow gradually regaining its place on the surface of the slopes, already generously covered thanks to the artificial snow cannons, the best days are yet to come, you should not sulk your pleasure!

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