Judgment | A conspiratorial mother cannot prevent her daughters from being vaccinated

(Quebec) A mother convinced that the vaccine against COVID-19 could contain an electronic “chip” and would be made from “cells of aborted fetus” will not be able to prevent her minor children from being vaccinated, to the great relief of the father.

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Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland
The Press

The Superior Court has just withdrawn from the lady her parental authority in matters of health over children aged 14 and 9. The court also forces her to hand over to the father, from whom she is separated, the children’s vaccination records that she jealously guarded.

This decision is the most recent in a series handed down by the courts regarding parental disagreement over the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this case, the father had sole custody of the two children. But the mother had in her possession their vaccination card and objected to their being vaccinated.

During a visit she made to her eldest daughter, the mother slipped her a card with the following message: “We know that you will do the right thing for your health, to refuse any poison injection. »

The mother gave the court a long list of reasons why she rejected the vaccine. There are several recurring claims from the conspiratorial fringes.

It says she “believes the vaccine is a gene therapy that will change or alter her daughter’s DNA.” She thinks the vaccine contains “cells from an aborted fetus” or “a Radio Frequency Identification chip or nanotechnology in some form.”

These claims have all been refuted. The vaccine cannot modify the DNA in any way, decided log analysis The sun.

“There are no fetal cells in the vaccine,” reads a published entry on the website of the Chief Scientist of Quebec.

And finally absolutely nothing suggests that the vaccine contains an electronic chip.

Judge Steve J. Reimnitz was not convinced by these arguments. “Madam produces a long written pleading, which it is not necessary to reproduce here and which takes up the conspiracy, anti-vaccine theses, which can be found on various websites”, can we read in the judgment dated January 13 .

“One cannot during a hearing in a safeguard order, produce a series of documents produced or obtained from a website without notice and without further demonstration of the probative value of these documents”, writes the judge.

The magistrate agreed with the father. He took parental authority away from the mother in matters of health. She will have to give the father the vaccination card of the girls, who will therefore be able to receive their vaccine.

“The court must respect the choice of the parent who wishes to follow the recommendations of the public authorities in terms of health and vaccination, writes the judge. Particularly in a case where the parent who is against vaccination relies on fears that have not been proven in court. »

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