3.7 million for vulnerable children

The Guignolée Dr Julien fundraising campaign ended on January 22 with a total fundraising of $3.7 million, which will allow thousands of vulnerable children to grow up healthy.

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“The large family of community social pediatrics is very grateful and touched by the incredible generosity of Quebecers. This support is essential to continue our frontline mission and thus be able to help more and more children in very vulnerable situations. The needs are immense, especially with the current context which has a major impact on the mental health of our young people, but the success of the Guignolée gives us confidence in the future and the energy necessary to continue building a better world for our children.” , said Dr. Gilles Julien, social pediatrician, clinical director and founder of the Foundation that bears his name.

In detail, the sum of $1,960,000 was raised for the benefit of the three centers of expertise and training overseen by the Dr. Julien Foundation: La Ruelle d’Hochelaga, the Garage à musique and the ATLAS Centre.

The 39 other community social pediatrics centers (CPSC) in Quebec collected nearly $1,740,000, or 45% more than last year. Under the impetus of the Dr. Julien Foundation, the CPSC network fully contributes to the development of the community social pediatrics movement throughout Quebec. The Foundation team would like to particularly thank the 400 or so volunteers, the employees and all the people who lent a hand for this 19th Dr Julien Guignolée, on site, in the centers or outside at the 37 collection in the city, as well as all those who offered gifts and comfort to the children of the social pediatrics centres.

The Foundation also thanks the program team Saturday and nothing else, hosted by Joël Le Bigot and broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Première, the Foundation’s faithful sponsor, Christian Bégin, TVA Sports, Jean-Charles Lajoie for hosting the traditional children’s boot hockey game, as well as Telus for its call center help. Finally, the Foundation would like to thank 91.9 Sports for its support, Taxelco for the taxis available during the Guignolée, and the partners who provided food, drinks and shelter to the volunteers.

Developed by Dr. Gilles Julien, community social pediatrics is a comprehensive health approach that integrates medicine with the practice of law and social sciences. The latter makes it possible to offer integrated and personalized care and services to children in difficulty aged 0 to 18; to detect, reduce or eliminate the toxic stresses impairing their development; to give them, and their families, power and hope in order to regain control of their lives.

The Dr. Julien Foundation’s mission is to mobilize the community, support and increase the number of stakeholders, influence practice and spread its unique model of social pediatrics in the community. It works to ensure its sustainability so that as many vulnerable children as possible can have access to care and services while respecting their fundamental rights. It also trains, supports and certifies a network of professionals and community social pediatrics centers for the health of all children.

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