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3.7 million for vulnerable children

The Guignolée Dr Julien fundraising campaign ended on January 22 with a total fundraising of $3.7 million, which will allow thousands of vulnerable children to grow up healthy. Posted at 9:11 a.m.“The large family of community social pediatrics is very grateful and touched by the incredible generosity of Quebecers. This support is essential to continue our frontline mission and thus be able to help more and more children in very vulnerable situations. The needs are immense, especially with the current context which has a major impact on the mental health of our young people, but th...

How Vaccine Misinformation Made Children Vulnerable to the Omicron Variant

COVID-19 has caused cascading deaths in American adults for two years, largely sparing children, but the lightning spread of the Omicron variant has led to records of infections and hospitalizations in children, misinformation around vaccines accentuating the risks incurred. • Read also: Modern intensive care management • Read also: COVID-19: daily record of infections in Russia for a second consecutive day • Read also: COVID-19: 59 new deaths and hospitalizations down in Quebec Fear that serums have been developed too quickly, rumors about the impact of injections on fertility... Wassim Ballan, doctor at Phoenix Children's Hospital, assures us that fighting misinformation is now part of his job. “Unfortunately, most of the time when we discuss these thin...