Vaccination of 5-11 year olds, the United States saved from bankruptcy, Boris Johnson disavowed … The news of this Wednesday – Liberation

Find the main news of this December 15.


The time has come… for childhood vaccines. Several European countries – Greece, Spain and Hungary in particular – are launching their vaccination campaign this Wednesday for children aged 5 to 11. Only the Pfizer vaccine is currently authorized for this age group in the European Union, in a weaker version than that given to adults. In France, children “at risk” can also be bitten since today. For the others, it will still have to wait a few weeks.

No payment default for the United States. The elected members of the American Congress agreed overnight to raise the debt ceiling of the United States, thus removing the catastrophic threat of a default in payment by the world’s leading economic power. There was urgency: the maximum amount of indebtedness of the United States had to be raised at all costs by December 15 at the latest, otherwise America was no longer able to honor its payments to its creditors. This situation would have plunged into the unknown the American finance and economy but also, by extension, international. At the risk of causing a recession.

Huge slap for Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was disowned on Tuesday evening by his own party. 98 Conservative MPs (out of 365) voted against his proposal to introduce a health pass during large gatherings. Beyond an opposition to this measure, his clan especially wanted to show Boris Johnson that he was on an ejection seat after the numerous scandals concerning him revealed in the British press in recent weeks.

Veolia will absorb Suez well. The European Commission authorized Tuesday evening, under conditions, the French Veolia to absorb its historical rival Suez. This operation, sealed in the spring after months of battle between the two water and waste giants, was costed at 13 billion euros. To get the green light from Brussels, which monitors competition in the European Union, Veolia had to agree to sell most of Suez’s activities in France. Our article.

A Koh-Lanta without a winner. The ultra-popular reality show ended yesterday without a single winner. This 20th season, which should be historic, was ultimately marred by cheating cases, with some contestants getting food “outside the scope of the game”. Consequently, the 100,000 euros promised to the big winner will be donated in full to the For Bertrand-Kamal fund, the name of a former candidate who died of pancreatic cancer in 2020. Our ticket.

To be continued today

A candidate president at 8 p.m. This Wednesday evening, TF1 will broadcast a long interview with Emmanuel Macron in prime time. The president must take stock before the time of his five-year term, and also address “his vision of the future”. A way of campaigning without saying so that makes the opposition cringe.

Justice in the streets. After having shouted their suffering in a platform which had the effect of an explosion, magistrates and clerks call for a strike on Wednesday. Rallies are planned in the four corners of France to demand resources “worthy” for righteousness. This “general mobilization for justice”, at the call of 17 organizations, promises to be massively followed.


New revelations against PPDA. One month after the survey published by Release in which eight women accused Patrick Poivre d’Arvor of rape, sexual assault or harassment, three new women incriminated the former star presenter. They also describe facts that may be related to sexual assault or rape. One of them, not prescribed, could lead to legal proceedings. Read our survey.

The story

The (illegal) data center lived in a bunker. In the heart of a nature made of valleys, the loops of the Moselle unfold with indolence. Along the banks of the German village of Traben-Trarbach (Rhineland-Palatinate), one of them completes a very pastoral landscape. It’s hard to imagine that in the same place and at the same time, buried underground in a former NATO bunker, the servers of a datacenter illegal fuel. And yet, on Monday, eight of its employees were sentenced to prison terms. Our article.


Who are you omicron? Transmissibility, dangerousness or even efficacy of the vaccine: since the discovery of the omicron variant in South Africa at the end of November, many questions remain unanswered. Freed reviewed current scientific knowledge on the youngest of the Sars-Cov2 family. Read our decryption.

The portrait

Lila Bouadma, (re)animated. The anesthetist-resuscitator, member of the Scientific Council, is tested but not resigned after two years of pandemic. Read our portrait.

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