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Magistrates, lawyers, clerks demonstrated across the country on Wednesday to express the deep malaise gripping the sector. At the Rennes court, the understaffing is particularly glaring.

An express gathering, for a timed trade. At 1:15 p.m. this Wednesday, in front of the Parliament of Brittany, which houses the Rennes Court of Appeal, there were still only about twenty of them, a little worried about being so few. At 1:30 p.m., a crowd of around 200 people is there: clerks, magistrates in red or black robes, mixed with lawyers who have come in large numbers to support them. The public prosecutor and some presidents of appeal chambers made the trip.

In Rennes, as before many courts in France, part of the legal world has come together to denounce “a justice that does not listen and that times everything”, as summarized by the megaphone the regional delegate of the Syndicate of the magistrature, Thibaut Spriet. A mobilization organized in the wake of the forum published at the end of November and signed since by more than 6,000 professionals. She described the suffering at work felt by many of them.

“I find myself completely in this text”, slips a magistrate from the social center, who “has been working in degraded mode for years. I have the impression of emptying the sea with a teaspoon, always with this guilt of not doing my job as I would like”.

“We only deal with emergencies”

At the Rennes court,

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