Foot – UEFA – Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA boss, does not believe in the World Cup every two years

In an interview with the “JDD”, Aleksander Ceferin, President of UEFA, once again denounces FIFA’s “populist project” of a World Cup every two years. In an interview given on Wednesday and published this Sunday in the Sunday newspaper, Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA President, assured once again not to believe in the project of FIFA of a World Cup every two years: « I’m sure that won’t happen because it’s complete nonsense. A populist project that would destroy football. it goes against all the principles of our sport, of the Olympic Games… It’s incredible that a football organization can propose that players, who already have to bear too heavy a load, play a month-long tournament every summer. Can we also imagine how much that would cannibalize women’s football? […] With South America, we clearly stated that we would not play it. Without us, it wouldn’t really be a World Cup anymore.. See as well According to Infantino, a biannual World Cup “would give hope to Africans” The Slovenian is also convinced that the president of the French Football Federation Noël Le Graët “would support UEFA’s position” despite the appointment of Breton by Gianni Infantino as the FIFA President’s delegate in Paris, a function Ceferin confessed to not understanding the meaning of. Favorable to a Final Four in C1 Another subject that the president of UEFA must manage: that of the Champions League. If Ceferin ensures that its new format in 2024 ” this ”suisse” should be more competitive and interesting for the fans”, the Slovenian would like to add a new evolution to the European Cup: the Final Four. “We haven’t discussed it in any concrete way yet because of the pandemic, which has forced us to manage daily life, but my opinion is that it would be great, confessed the president of the European body. I raised the subject with certain presidents, including Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, and they agree. Football is bigger than the NFL, but the Super Bowl is a major event. The equation is simple to solve, it is to compensate for the loss linked to the fact that there would be no home game income in the semi-finals. It’s possible. » From 2024-2025? ” As soon as possible. But I doubt it can happen that quickly. »

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