GTA 6 – It’s official! The production of the new part is launched!

After countless rumors, here is finally the official confirmation. Rockstar Games reveals the production of GTA 6!

Finally, here we are! After many rumors about a new game, the developer Rockstar Games lifts the veil on the secret of GTA 6.

According to their own information, the sixth installment is already in production, as they shared with the public on their Twitter account.

Here is the translation:

“Many of you have asked us for a new episode of the Grand Theft Auto series.

For each new project, our goal is to significantly surpass the previous one, which we have always managed to do so far.

We are happy to confirm that the active development of the next installment of the series has already started”. – Rockstar Games

More announcements will follow!

For GTA fans, this news is a real blessing. The last GTA V title was released over nine years ago. This one was released on September 17, 2013!

Rockstar Games does not wish to share any further information with us yet, but does advise to keep an eye on the official social media channels for further announcements!

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