Rugby – Top 14 – Toulon falls to Mayol against Castres and sinks into the Top 14

Defeat of Toulon at home (10-22) Saturday evening in front of Castres during the seventeenth day of the French Championship. This is the third success outside the Tarn this season. Toulon remains penultimate. The match: 10-22 What clumsiness! How many lost balloons! How many mistakes! We even wonder how Toulon did not take a heavier defeat at Mayol after such an anthology of bad choices, technical waste, badly ended inspirations… Saturday evening, the RCT was really in its place, c that is to say at the bottom of the ranking, and if he does not go up immediately, it is only fair as he was below everything, and especially the expectations of his supporters. read also The Toulon-Castres movie After a European campaign which saw them take the lead, the Castres knew, as usual, to thwart the adversary. Their defense, united and precise – especially on the ground – precipitated the fall of the Varois in Mayol in front of their public. At the test of Rory Kockott (24th) magnificently created by a pass inspired by Ben-Nicholas then an inside hook from Nakosi, Toulon replied with difficulty and was very happy to improve his double numerical superiority (31st-38th) in front of the goal tarnished by a generously granted penalty try. Three tries refused (34th, 36th, 58th) testify to the chronic inability of the Varois to concretize their highlights. Their impotence was painful to see, and if you add a dominating scrum at the end of the match, a supreme insult for the faded ones of the harbour, it is naturally that by adding fourteen points at the foot by its Argentinian international opener Benjamin Urdapilleta, Castres is left with success. His mastery, his collective organization and his ardor in contact worked wonders against the haggard Toulonnais, which one wonders if they obey a clearly defined game plan. 3 The number of yellow cards against Castres distributed by the referee, Mr. Blasco-Baqué. In the 28th (Vanverberghe) and 31st (Kockott), the Tarnais playing at thirteen for seven minutes. Then to the 76th (Delaporte). read also Calendar and results of the 17th day The fact: the Varois far too clumsy Installed in front of the Castres in-goal for ten minutes, including seven in double numerical superiority, the Toulonnais were unable to score and it took the decision, very controversial, of the referee granting a try to penalty for an imaginary foul on the ground by Benjamin Urdapilleta defending in the in-goal on his vis-à-vis Louis Carbonel (37th) for the RCT to score their first points. Previously, Cheslin Kolbe had committed a forward two against one just in front of the in-goal (34th). Then Dorian Laborde slipped a pass that was too low to a demarcated partner when the way to the try was wide open (53rd) and the forwards were unable to score on a ball carried at a charge which collapsed in the penalty area. Tarn goal (58th). read also Classification

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