Foot – L1 – Montpellier

Montpellier coach Olivier Dall’Oglio pointed out the lack of initiative and the mistakes made by his team after the defeat at Saint-Étienne (1-3) this Saturday. Olivier Dall’Oglio (entraîneur de Montpellier beaten 1-3 at Saint-Etienne) : “What is regrettable is the end of the match where more authority would have been needed. There was our inability to collectively retain the ball. We lacked coordination and this made it possible to give offensive actions for Saint-Étienne. You have to develop more strength at the end of matches, on balls between two. read also Notes from ASSE-Montpellier There was more determination on the part of the Stéphanois at the end on these aspects. In some situations, we could have done better against the defense of Saint-Étienne. We were in small shoes apart on our goal, superb. There were a lot of technical faults, lost balls and as a result: a lack of fluidity in the game. There were also a few refereeing decisions that were not favorable to us. The exit of our goalkeeper did not help us but there is nothing to say about the superb goals of Saint-Étienne. This had no particular impact on the result. »

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