Warzone Loadout Chaos – Developer Rolls Back Controversial Change

Developer Raven Software released the patch notes for their latest Warzone update yesterday. Along with two small bugfixes, there’s also been a change that many have been hoping for for a long time.

The long queues in front of the Buy Stations

One of the most controversial changes of recent months was rolled back today by Warzone developer Raven Software. A few days ago there were rumors that loadout drops would once again be available in the Buy Station.

from the buying station. This change has now been officially confirmed on Twitter

The developer listens to the community

The change introduced last year, whereby loadout drops appear automatically and with some delay in the second and sixth circles, drew a lot of criticism from the community and even caused some players to hang up the shooter . Raven Software previously addressed the negative reactions to the game mechanics change in a January 11 tweet.

Concerning only the Battle Royale zone

This change, however, only affects the Battle Royale mode and not Vanguard Royale. According to the developers, the unpopular deferred drops will continue to exist in Vanguard Royale. It is unclear if or when these will also be changed.

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