Skiing – JO Ski – Wind and confusion on the downhill track at the Beijing Olympics

The downhillers did not appreciate the cancellation of the last downhill training, this Saturday morning in Yanqing, after the departure of three riders. Big confusion on the speed track, Saturday morning in Yanqing. The organizers have indeed decided to cancel the third downhill training, due to the strong wind blowing, especially on the middle part of the track. Problem: the decision was taken after the passage of three riders, and not the least (Mathias Mayer, Christof Innerhofer and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde). “There was a big misunderstanding at the start, after Kilde passed, says Blaise Giezendanner. On TV we don’t really realize – we know it’s windy, it’s windy every day – but we think it’s a door that takes time to recover. And I see Beat (Feuz) who takes off his skis, who comes inside and says to me: basta cosi (it’s over). » The athletes then conferred, the vast majority wishing to continue training. “There were quite a few very angry, explains Johan Clarey, representative of the athletes on this training (with Kilde, who was already at the bottom of the track). We could have found an intermediate solution, made the top of the track, stopped, found something different. The problem and what I regret is that we didn’t even try. » Same regrets on the side of the Swiss Marco Odermatt: “We could have at least skied with the jacket, more slowly. I was with (Johan) Clarey, he talked to the FIS, but after 2-3 sentences he had no answer. “It sucks, gets carried away Matthieu Bailet. We were ready to ski hard where there was no risk, then brake. I think we’re big enough, responsible enough for our skis. If they hadn’t sent anyone away, the speech would have been over: two practices, that’s okay for everyone. There, a run can make a big difference on a track that we discovered two days ago. The riders were then allowed to “inspect” the track, in slow motion, all at the same time. ” It’s no use, deplores Nils Allègre. What matters is rather the hardware settings, correcting what we did the day before. We arrive at 130km/h on a training run, here we arrive at 45, that has nothing to do with it. » The Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, ultra favorite of the descent, also regretted this truncated morning: “It seems to me that they tried to do something to make it go away, but if there had been a gust of wind at the time of a jump, it would have been more than limited. It’s just a shame they sent out three riders before making the decision. » It remains to be seen whether the three starters will have an advantage on Sunday, with most athletes counting on the last practice to refine their equipment settings.

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