Energy expenditure, cardiovascular system, rehabilitation: swimming is good for your body

To work on your cardio, improve your performance in other sports or to stay in shape, swimming is a very good activity. This very complete and economical sport has many benefits. Forget the prejudices, put on your swimsuit and take off.

physical progress
Swimming is a very good complementary sport to running. It allows to improve the cardiovascular performance and work different muscles.

Between the crawl, the nage with flippers, the breaststroke, or Indian swimming, we solicit the whole of our body. We work our abdominal strap to be better sheathed, we strengthen our back and we work the legs and arms to have more strength. A global work that also allows to gain in coordination.

have more breath
It is important to breathe well in the different sports that we practice. If you breathe badly, you lose time and you get exhausted very quickly. Different strokes, such as the front crawl or the breaststroke, force us to put our heads under water while making a muscular effort.

We therefore learn to manage our breath during exercise and to breathe better as we practice. Your endurance win there. But that’s not all, by multiplying the sessions, you keep cardiovascular problems away and reduce blood pressure.

An economic sport
The advantage of swimming is that you don’t need to commit to expensive subscriptions. At the swimming pool, entries have low prices between 2 and 4€ and there are even reduced prices, if you are a student or looking for a job.

And in addition, there are no time limits, you can stay as long as you want!

Ideal for rehabilitation
The advantage of swimming is that the body is carried by the water. We work all the muscles but without impacting the articulations. It’s a very good sport to get back in shape when you’re injured., stiff or overweight.

With this non-traumatic activity, you solicit all the muscles and get a shapely and harmoniously muscular body.

Improve blood circulation and drain legs
Water, thanks to movement, has a draining action on the body. While working his muscles, we massage each part of his body and in particular the legs and the buttocks.

We improve our blood circulation, we facilitate drainage and we promote the elimination of fat cells. A good way to get rid of cellulite and to find a firmer and smoother skin.

A variety of exercises
Even if there are several of you, you can make your own exercises at your time. Being in the water is soothing and you can vary the strokes depending on your goals.

You can vary the pleasures so as not to fall into weariness. Breaststroke, crawl or butterfly, you can even opt for fins. Swimming, a way to keep fit without getting bored.

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