Want to leave Spotify? See the best alternatives to streaming music

Spotify was one of the first music streaming services, along with Deezer, to emerge and succeed in the cloud music streaming market. The platform is now the largest in the world and has 31% of the music streaming market, according to a report by entertainment research firm MIDIA. However, today we have a wide variety of options for listening to music via streaming and you’ve probably already thought about switching from Spotify to another one to try it out.

Today Spotify is one of the few streaming services, along with Youtube Music, that does not have lossless music streaming. However, it is known that this is not what will make one platform better than the other as I explained in the article “Understand why bitrate and music formats don’t make a better streaming service”. However, we are always looking for a greater variety of music, good playlists and a more user-friendly interface for our use, right? Check below which are the best alternatives to Spotify today.

Alternatives to Spotify today

After testing all the main streaming services in the Brazilian market (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal), I realized that what made the most difference was the presence of songs and artists I like, in addition to a friendly interface for my use instead of the transmitted bitrate.

Spotify is certainly a good streaming service, but it’s not the only one. (Credit: Oficina da Net)

It’s important to remember that to take advantage of what each platform has to offer, I’ve configured each one properly (check out some tutorials below). Spotify is certainly a good streaming service both in terms of the variety of songs and the app’s interface, but it’s not the only one I like to use in my daily life and I find the experience of using others worthwhile.

No need to pay to test streaming services

All music streaming services present in the Brazilian market that were mentioned above have a free trial option for at least 30 days. That is, if you want to test other music platforms besides Spotify, you don’t have to pay a penny, although you will need to enter your payment details for the service to start charging after the trial period.

If you’re worried about forgetting when you’ll be billed, don’t worry, all companies send an email reminding the user that the end of the trial period is approaching to remind them.

Listen to your playlists and albums in just a few clicks

Certainly one deterrent to migrating from one streaming service to another is losing easy access to our playlists and albums that we’ve added to our account over the years. But don’t worry, there’s a way to transfer all the playlists and albums that are in our favorites from one service to another, check out in our tutorial how to do this procedure in the simplest and fastest way possible.

The best alternatives to Spotify today

Today there are many streaming service alternatives to Spotify. Although it is a good streaming service both in terms of the variety of music and the app’s interface, there are alternatives that can be interesting depending on your musical taste and use.

To choose the best alternatives, I took into account the variety of songs on the platforms and the interface of each one, because as I explained above, bitrate in the end is not what really matters to have a good experience.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music.  (Credit: Net Office)
Amazon Music. (Credit: Net Office)

This was the service that surprised me. Over the years, the streaming platform has evolved a lot and today it features an excellent variety of music. In addition, its interface is intuitive and all the options I need are there. The only caveat I have is about a slight delay to open your mobile app on Android.

Apple Music

Apple Music.  (Credit: Apple/Reproduction)
Apple Music. (Credit: Apple/Reproduction)

Apple’s streaming service certainly has one of the best song recommendation algorithms and also has excellent ready-made playlists. I also have to add that I found a really good variety of artists and songs and I was able to find a lot of rare tracks by Asian artists.


Deezer.  (Credit: Deezer/Reproduction)
Deezer. (Credit: Deezer/Reproduction)

Basically, the service has a library similar to Spotify’s, bringing most of the artists that most like. But I didn’t feel any difference in terms of indications and playlists, preferring Spotity to him in the end considering the set (interface and songs).


Tidal.  (Credit: Tidal/Reproduction)
Tidal. (Credit: Tidal/Reproduction)

It became famous due to the broadcast quality of its music and today there is a good variety of tracks and artists. Its interface has improved a lot in recent years and I like it a lot when I use it. At the end of last year the service offered a cheaper plan to its subscribers along with the creation of “Hi-fi Plus” (check out our article to better understand all the details of these changes).

E o YouTube Music?

YouTube Music.  (Credit: youtube/Playback)
YouTube Music. (Credit: youtube/Playback)

YouTube Music was left off the list due to major inconsistency in song quality available on the platform. This is the only option that escapes the evaluation rule that takes into account the interface and variety. Although Google’s streaming service has an incredible diversity of songs and artists, the quality delivered in certain cases is deplorable, with great distortion of the reproduced sound.

Have you ever used any of these alternatives? Or do you still prefer Spotify? Leave your comment!

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