video stickers, better reactions and new navigation options

Today Telegram gained a new update and with it came several new features. The highlights are the improvement of compact animations, more new emojis, button to check reactions not yet seen and improvements in navigation between chats.

The best addition in this update was the stickers with extra animations. When touching emojis, they will generate effects that appear to go beyond the screen. Check out more about this and other news below!

Video stickers

Now Telegram is bringing quality animated stickers that are 30kb or less. However, to create them, it is necessary to have experience and use programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Currently Telegram allows you to create stickers from regular videos, so anyone can easily create animated stickers using any video editing program.

Video stickers on Telegram.
Video stickers on Telegram.

It is possible to publish the sticker pack through the @stickers bot. Check out Telegram’s video stickers manual for more information.

More reaction options for a comment

Users will now have more options to react to a comment on Telegram. To better preview an effect, tap and hold.

New interactive reactions and emojis

Added now, in the new update, 5 more reactions with extra animation, where the effects seem to come off the screen. To see the extra effect, just tap the emoji.

Browsing between recent chats

To access unread channels or between chats select the “back” button and safe to bring up the chat options. With that, just select the desired chat or channel from the list to take a shortcut to the desired screen.

Browsing between recent chats on Telegram.
Browsing between recent chats on Telegram.

Fixed bugs and improved functions

Telegram developers spent two weeks in January focusing solely on fixing bugs, according to the company’s blog post. Among the improvements made is the quality of calls that has been improved, but there are also the addition of new features such as support for translation on pages in Quick Read and the option to send silent messages through the share menu.

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